Refer A Friend

This product is sold strictly on its own merit. However, when a customer purchases the product, he/she is encouraged to join the “Refer A Friend” programme. This programme rewards customers that choose to refer the product to friends. When a customer refers a friend who eventually purchases the product, he is entitled to N5,000 commission from each prospect. When such a customer refers up to 6 customers, he/she earns N30,000 plus a starter pack.

Starter pack is some piece of documentation that enrolls one into the network. It involves keying your info into the website as a member. This is done after you have bought the product and referred 6 people. You earn 30k and get officially enrolled. For now, just see starter pack as official enrollment. That is stage 1.

By the time any 6 people in your team (downlines) also qualify for stage 1, they will automatically push you to stage 2 where you earn 100k.

You will get to stage 3 when any 6 people in your network reach stage 2. At this stage you earn 250k plus an Android phone.

It continues like that until you get to stage 5 where you get a brand new car or cash equivalent.